Rosacea is a long term skin condition which affects the face. The cause of Rosacea is unknown. Symptoms usually begin with episodes of flushing - the skin turns red for a short time. Rosacea can include other symptoms as the condition progresses, including: stinging, burning and tingling sensations. After suffering with Rosacea for some time, permanent redness may occur with spots and small blood vessels in the skin will become more visible. Rosacea can be dormant some of the time, and then become very angry the next. Usually, stress is a trigger, along with the possibility that some foods, usually spicy foods, may also contribute.


As time goes by, the Rosacea condition can become worse. Please seek medical advice from your Doctor if your symptoms persist - as early detection and treatment can help prevent the condition becoming worse/prevent permanent damage.


How can you help yourself? By choosing products that are unscented is a valuable start, also using a Sunscreen with a good SPF will help prevent further sun damage, when you are out and about in the sun. It is also beneficial to try and stay in a constant temperature, due to altering temperatures causing havoc with increased flushing. Extreme cold and heat increases flushing, increasing that Rosacea dry, tight & taut skin feel.


Finally, Rosacea skin condition is as individual as its owner - some people can only wear lighter products on their skin, whereas, others need to use heavier thicker creams to help prevent further weather/sun/wind damage. This in itself is the first hurdle to overcome, deciding which type of product your skin prefers. This can be an extremely trying and confusing time. In Winter you may prefer the nice thicker creams that help prevent the cold and wind damaging the already dry Rosacea cheek areas. However, in Summer, you'll probably find the warmer days unbearable, and you may feel your skin is more flushed and you cannot tolerate a thick cream, and your skin cannot tolerate the Sunscreens you found worked so well during the Winter. If you are new to Rosacea, you'll not be used to this very temperamental skin type, especially influenced by the Seasons. you may then mistakenly find the products themselves are at fault, when it is actually the Rosacea upsetting your skin's pH balance.


This skin type requires extraordinary powers of patience! Personally, when my skin is on a Rosacea trip I take it back to the simple basics, cleansing with an unscented balm. I then use lots of Aloe Vera, this is instead of a Toner, then on a damp skin I apply the same Balm I used as a cleanser as a moisturiser. I use apply a tiny bit of Balm... wait. See how that feels... If the cheeks are still rough and dry, I add a little bit more... perhaps add more Aloe Vera... and build up slowly...  If it is a warmer day, my skin will only allow a little moisturiser. When it is cold, it will want more. Take it from me, this skin type if it isn't taken care of can be a breeding ground for Spots, Acne & Eczema. It is a real head trip when this happens all at once!


!! It is really worth taking the time to get calm about the situation - regardless of how frustrated you feel :( !!