We Love the Planet Natural Deodorant Stick Sensitive - 65g

paraben free deodorant


We love deodorant. Provided 100% of course! Our deodorant contains no synthetic and polluting ingredients that are bad for your skin and our planet.


The natural ingredients of our deodorants have a soothing and moisturising effect. The soft deodorant is quickly absorbed through the skin and does not clog pores. It helps you to stay fresh in a natural way! The deodorants from We Love The Planet are Eco-Control and Natural Cosmetics Standard certified.


The effect
Each of our deodorants is based on a combination of beeswax, coconut oil and cornstarch powder.


This makes the deodorant easy to spread and makes your skin silky smooth.


We are expanding our range with the new version So Sensitive! This is a variety without soda and without essential oils. Therefore, it is extra gentle for sensitive skin!


So Sensitive - The natural care for sensitive skin!
The strain So Sensitive is specially developed for people with hypersensitivity. Some people may be allergic to soda and essential oils. This deodorant contains no soda but a hypoallergenic perfume. Its fragrance is gentle, as is the cream itself.


The Deodorant So Sensitive has a delicate scent of green leaves, almond and white peony. It is a gentle blend, perfectly complemented by heliotrope leaves, violets, vanilla and apricot blossoms. This creates a very light and pleasant fragrance, which is already very popular - not only for allergy sufferers!

100% natural ingredients


Suitable for Vegetarians.


Size: 65g

We Love the Planet Natural Deodorant Stick - Sensitive

  • Corn starch powder, coconut oil *, beeswax, coco-caprylates / caprate, glyceryl caprylates, macadamia oil esters, olive oil, hypoallergenic perfume, lactyl lactic acid ester sodium salts, St. John's wort oil, citric acid triethyl ester, sunflower oil *, tocopherol.

    Although Organic Soul Beauty check ingredients on a regular audit basis, some may change unexpectedly. Please check the product label before use. If you are concerned with regards to allergies and are sensitive to certain ingredients we advise that you arrange a skin patch test with your Doctor in order to ascertain your allergy and sensitivity / sensitive skin triggers.

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