Khadi Natural Hair Colour Light Brown 100g


A touch of bronze. The natural hair colour khadi Light Brown colours your hair in a warm, bright brown tone. The result is always unique: depending on your initial colour and the amount of grey, your hair shines in a bright, warm brown tone to a rich light brown with reddish reflections.


The herbal hair colour is also suitable for pre-pigmentation when you dye your hair in a darker shade.


Khadi hair colour is 100% natural, vegetable and vegan. Valuable ingredients such as Indigo, Henna, Amla and Bhringaraj ensure an expressive colour and smooth shine. Also gray or white hair will be covered easily with this herbal hair colour. Bright strands shine in an intense brown.


Khadi Light Brown hair colour contains no artificial ingredients such as azo colors, ammonia or peroxides. The natural ingredients strengthen your hair by wrapping around each strand, coating and nourishing your hair, making it feel strong and healthy. The result: gloss, volume and bright colour nuances.


Suitable for Vegans.


Size: 100g

Khadi Natural Hair Colour Light Brown

  • First clean your hair with a silicone-free shampoo like khadi Amla Shampoo. We recommend that you pre-treat blonde, streaked or heavily strained hair - for example with a mixture of khadi Pure Henna and Golden Hint. This is how you pigment it optimally for khadi Light Brown and ensure that its full colour strength can unfold.

    Mix the khadi hair colour with 50 degrees of hot water, preferably with a whisk, until you obtain a spreadable paste. For a colder, cooler result add a teaspoon of base salt. Spread the warm natural hair colour uniformly with a brush in your hair: Strand by strand over the lengths to the tips. If your hair is already coloured with khadi Light Brown, just treat your hairline.

    Khadi Light Brown needs between 30 to 120 minutes to act, depending on how intense you want your colour. Then rinse with water until it is clear.
    Do not use shampoo for 24 to 48 hours. This time takes khadi Light Brown to unfold its full colour intensity and nuance. 

    Note: Each hair is different - the way we are all different. Therefore, the results can be vary. We suggest you test the natural hair colour khadi Light Brown only on a discreete strand first.