Khadi Natural Hair Colour Henna & Amla 100g


You're brave and want bright red hair? khadi Natural Hair Color as a duet from Henna & Amla is a fiery experience for all henna lovers. The natural hair colour dyes your hair in a strong red to deep dark red. With medium blonde to medium brown hair you achieve a rich mahogany tone. Dark brown to black hair will be pepped up with bright red reflections.


The effective ingredients Henna and Amla let your hair shine in rich red. And also covers gray hair. The fine Amla powder ensures that the henna extract delivers its red nuances faster and more intensively. Each khadi natural hair colour is 100% natural without ammonia, peroxides and co.


The colour pigments lay like a glaze around every single hair and strengthen it. Your hair feels full and well-groomed. The result: natural shine and bright red shades.


Suitable for Vegans.


Size: 100g

Khadi Natural Hair Colour Henna & Amla

  • First clean your hair with a silicone-free shampoo such as khadi Neem shampoo. We recommend that you first treat blonde, strung or heavily strained hair with khadi Senna / Cassia, Golden Hint or Light Blonde to achieve a more even result.

    Mix khadi Henna & Amla with 80-90 degrees hot water using a whisk until the natural hair colour can be spread evenly. If you want an even more intense or quicker result, add acidic supplements like apple vinegar or lemon juice. Spread the warm mass evenly in your hair using a brush. Apply strand by strand - over lengths and tips. If you just want to colour your roots, apply only there.

    Leave the natural hair colour between 30 and 120 minutes. The longer it is applied, the more intense the colour results. For highlighted or streaked hair begin with a maximum of 30 minutes. Then rinse with clear water - done.

    Wait 24 to 48 hours before you shampoo, because during this time the natural hair colour needs to unfold. In order to keep your khadi hair colour for a long time, fixate it with khadi Amla hair oil before washing your hair with a natural shampoo.

    Note: Each hair is different - the way we are all different. Therefore, results can vary. We recommend testing the natural hair colour Henna & Amla on a discrete strand first.

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