Khadi Natural Hair Colour Dark Brown


Feel the power of nature! Khadi Natural Hair Colour Dark Brown colours your hair in a rich and glossy brown tone. The result will vary depending on your initial color. With light hair you get a shiny middle or dark brown, with dark hair a strong dark to black brown.


khadi Dark Brown is awarded "very good" by ÖkoTest, an independent quality label. The natural hair color is 100% natural, vegetable and vegan. Valuable ingredients such as Indigo, Henna, Amla and Bhringaraj provide a rich, dark color. And cover your gray hair. The special feature of the plant hair colour khadi dark brown: it contains the highest Indigo content of all brown tints for an intensive color result.


Like a colour glaze, the plant pigments of the khadi hair colour lay around each individual strand. You feel and see that your hair is stronger and healthy. For a naturally beautiful, well-kept result.


Suitable for Vegans.


Size: 100g

Khadi Natural Hair Colour Dark Brown

  • First clean your hair with a silicone-free shampoo like khadi Rose Shampoo If you have a light hair colour, we recommend to use first khadi Pure Henna or Light Brown for pre-pigmentation. So you spread your hair optimally on khadi Natural Hair Colour dark brown.

    Stir khadi dark brown with 50 degree hot water until you have a smooth paste. These are distributed evenly in your hair with a brush: strands for strands - up to the tips. If you only want to paint your neck, spare lengths and tips.

    Leave the natural hair colour between 30 and 120 minutes in your hair. The longer it is applied, the darker the colour results. To refresh the colour, you only need 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse with clear water - done.

    Do not use shampoo for 24 to 48 hours, because the colour depth does not develop during this time. 

    Note: Each hair is different - as we are all different. Therefore the results can be different for natural hair colour. Best you test khadi dark brown only on a trial strant.