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HOW DID SKIN QUENCH ALL PURPOSE CREAM BEGIN? Skin Quench was created out of pure desperation. As I couldn’t find an ethical, natural, organic, thick, hydrating and healing cream that could help my client's very demanding Eczema needs.

I have been making batches of Skin Quench for my customer's eczema skin challenges since 2007. From time to time I'd use the cream, but only now and then. Because my skin was in excellent condition, although sensitive, my skin didn't really need too much help, just a light cleanse and a little bit of moisturisation, with perhaps a little more moisturisation assistance during the winter months. I had also been looking after my dietary nutrient needs ever since my last serious Eczema attack 16+ years ago, the paranoia of which ensured that I kept taking the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids etc. at their optimum levels to ensure resilient, healthy and supple skin. I was also pretty good at managing my stress levels, I'd learnt some amazing meditation techniques that helped keep me calm in times of stress.

2014 onwards, I really needed my own Holistic help in the form of Skin Quench. I was suffering with tremendous emotional stress. My skin wasn’t coping well at all and started to dry up, like my skin did 16+ years previously, regardless of how well I was taking care of myself with diet & supplements. My skin started to feel tight, burn and then I felt that all too familiar horrible urge to itch. Warning signs that for me eczema is on its way. Eczema, unfortunately is my vent for emotional trauma.

I created an article about 'Relax the Stress' this is a snippet about how stress can affect us:

"Staying in a constant state of fight or flight stress response leaves our blood sugars at a high, blood vessels constrict and our heart rate rises - all together raising our blood pressure. Assimilation of nutrients is harder as digestion decreases and can halt altogether. What we do not digest turns into bacterial fermentation leading to bloating, ie. IBS, etc. and eventually we're gaining weight / fat without understanding why? Blood flow is temporarily diverted from non essential organs to the brain, heart and skeletal muscles. So our skin, hair and nails are the first to suffer from lack of essential nutrients, which then may lead onto skin challenges such as eczema, etc."

I had to act fast and take better care of my skin topically. My usual vulnerable places where eczema would strike first started to open up and the itching was becoming hard to control and knowing from past experiences it wouldn’t be too long before this would start to spread, become infected and then require medical intervention with steroids. Being an advocate for natural alternative healing treatments I couldn’t let this get that far and with my experience in natural therapies I understand what works for poorly stressed skin. First of all, I cleansed the sore area very gently and then applied my cream. It literally healed up overnight! I continually applied the cream for a few days just to ensure I kept the surrounding area moisturised [prevents the spread of Eczema]. After a couple of weeks I was back to using the cream as a normal body moisturiser, to keep my skin hydrated and to prevent any further dryness from appearing.

I unfortunately have to allow myself to go through the emotional roller coaster, there really isn't much I can do but let myself go through the motions. Unfortunately, I also became extremely intolerant/allergic to my normal skincare products, products I have been able to use for years without any problems whatsoever.

I then had to use my natural remedy Skin Quench for everything, it was the only cream my body allowed me to use without causing an allergic reaction. It then dawned on me, my Skin Quench cream was now beginning to show signs of being something more than just an eczema cream for me. It was an all purpose cream. I could cleanse my face with it, use it as a facial moisturiser, keep my eczema prone skin super hydrated with it as an all over body moisturiser, treat my frizzy prone curly hair, giving me lovely moisturised defined curls. The cream saved my hair from the scissors, as my hair had become brittle and glass like due to the emotional stress I was experiencing.

Over the past few months I have been extremely impressed with my cream’s ability to heal and prevent the numerous threatening attacks of eczema. Obviously, I'd made the cream for my Client's skin challenging treatments, but it wasn't until I had to rely on it 100% for myself that I realised how valuable it was to me. Skin Quench started to work wonders on my skin and also being, back then, in my mid to late forties I needed a cream with a little more robustness too. I don’t believe in anti ageing creams, but I do believe in good quality natural ingredients that can help the skin be the best it can be – especially as my stress had very obviously depleted nutrients from my body, which had left my skin and hair suffering badly and was very much in need of topical/ointment help.

So, although Skin Quench has been around since 2007, it is now known as Skin Quench "all purpose cream"

With Love, Angie XX Creator of Skin Quench all purpose cream

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