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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

After many years of treating my clients to wonderful aromatherapy facials using rejuvenating nutritious essential oils, I thought I would share some valuable tips with you. It is one thing having a one off treat in a beautiful and relaxed treatment room, away from home and the many distractions, but quite another to do this for yourself in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Massage is an art form, it is for those that love to communicate through touch. The reward for me has always been seeing the client arriving tense and pensive and after an hour's aromatherapy treatment that same individual turns into an entirely different person, relaxed, calm and sublimely soothed. I am always exceedingly pleased with myself when I know I have contributed to producing this effect.

Massage also provides for a much needed form of lymph drainage in areas that can accumulate excess fluids leading to mild swelling & inflammation. This process increases circulation and in turn the skin rewards us with less puffy, fresh, revitalised and glowing healthy skin.

Did you know massage was performed with Olive Oil on athletes in the original Olympic Games?

For a truly luxuriously heavenly holistic aromatherapy facial treatment I prefer to use Rose Essential Oil. Rose Oil is ideal for all skin types. Rose is healing, balancing and rejuvenating. There is no other essential oil that possesses the exact divine qualities.

Other beneficial properties for Rose essential oil include hormonal balancing, cell rejuvenating and is an effective anti-depressant. This oil is super for psychological support in calming tensions and any feelings of inadequacy. The oil is even gentle enough for children. 

Pure Organic Rose Oil is a skin healer and is truly beneficial for wrinkles, reduces broken veins, eases dermatitis/eczema and stimulates tired and lifeless skin. It may even help with spells of insomnia and many other physical ailments too.

I mix my Rose Essential Oil into a carrier oil, also known as a base oil. I use Rosehip Oil for dry/mature skin types and Almond or Jojoba Oil for the more sensitive, prone to break out skin types.

There are many different types of Rose Essential Oils available, but I always choose Organic, Demeter is best, but can often be very difficult to get hold of. Yes, pure Rose Essential Oil is exceedingly expensive, so if money is an issue then only use the Rose Essential Oil as a treat. Save it for days when perhaps your skin isn't looking or feeling so great and needs a pick-me-up. Or, you've had an exceedingly hard day.

TIP: if you are suffering with facial eczema at this moment in time, mix a drop of Rose Oil into a 10p sized blob of Shea Butter. This will be absolute heaven for your poorly skin and will help prevent the further spread of eczema to surrounding healthy skin tissue. Massage the rest of the face avoiding the damaged area until the skin has healed. But do blob the butter and oil onto the damaged area and let the nutritious ingredients absorb thoroughly. The damaged skin should look noticeably much better very soon, ie. less redness and dry/cracked looking.

Would you like to learn how to do a facial massage? This is a favourite video of mine demonstrating facial massage movements, very inspiring >>> Learn how to perform a Facial Massage

Pre-Treatment Procedure: Before you commence your facial massage please remember to cleanse and tone your face. It is important to cleanse to remove all traces of makeup from the skin. Then use a facial toner to remove any remaining traces of the grease and/or cleanser. A grease free skin will absorb the massage product far more effectively.

Article written by Angie Coleman 2009 Founder of TMBABW &  Qualified Holistic Massage Aromatherapist

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