Since Thomas Haase was two years old he suffered from neurodermatitis. Back then his skin disorder was not well known. The usual cosmetic and medicinal creams could not help him. That is why, even in his youth, he began to have a good look at alternative skin care possibilities. Later, he opened the first organic food shop in Germany together with friends. Like many others, he also wanted to have a healthy diet and live in a healthy way. Motivated by a wariness of chemicals, pesticides and large industry, during this time he began to cultivate his own plants and develop formulations for natural cosmetics that might help his skin.

In summer 1975 he made Lavera’s first lip balm stick, it withstood the personal "stress-test" protection of his over-sensitive skin during summer holidays in Denmark. He will never forget its formula of wool wax, beeswax and olive oil. In 1987 after more than 10 years research and cosmetic development, Thomas founded his own company on a small estate near Hanover: the laverana GmbH. Today, approximately 240 employees produce genuine natural cosmetics in Lavera’s own buildings on the outskirts of the beautiful Deister mountains. The brand name Lavera was a name carefully chosen for its meaning, in Latin Lavera means “the truth”. Lavera use raw plant materials, as far as possible from certified organic agriculture. Lavera products are 100% free from synthetic perfumes, colorants and preservatives. And of course, Lavera ensure skin compatibility through tests with volunteers, in collaboration with skin specialists and allergists. Lavera’s many awards prove that the original totally nature-based notion and innovative, modern ideas can be combined.

For more than 25 years now, Laverana GmbH & Co. KG has been marketing natural cosmetics that comply with the standards for certified natural cosmetics. Each product is individually developed, produced, filled and shipped worldwide to some 40 countries.

Wherever possible, Lavera uses vegetable ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, now including over 300, which just like the Lavera products and packaging, are subjected to a veritable quality marathon. Manufacturing of Lavera products is performed gently at the highest technical level, utilising green power. The Lavera products contain no chemical preservatives, fragrances or aromas.

"Lavera is a company with spirit and charisma that delivers the highest quality. A company in which each individual with his skills is appreciated and is important.

Open communication, no rigid hierarchies, a congenial working atmosphere, marked by intimacy, trust, loyalty and dependability are part of the Lavera company strategy and, in addition to the Lavera product variety, represent a key factor of the company's success" – it is a recurring theme in company portraits of Laverana, the manufacturer of Lavera. Each employee is able to play an active role, face new challenges and dedicate him - or herself with passion to the company and the Lavera products.

Communication among themselves and with the customer is one of the most vital principles. Introducing innovations in the market of Lavera natural cosmetics and thus actively shaping and further developing the market are just as much a part of the company and the Lavera products as utmost quality standards for its products and their effectiveness.


Since Lavera has been in existence, Lavera's one goal has been: producing true natural cosmetics Wholesomeness, compatibility, effectiveness.

* Lavera is against animal testing and guarantees the compatibility and effectiveness with volunteer test subjects. * Lavera says No to : chemicals, silicones or petroleum-based oils or derivatives, no aluminium salts, and no micro-plastics. * The innovative formulations of Lavera's natural cosmetics products are 100% compatible for the whole family.


Lavera certify their cosmetics, as Lavera have been using organic ingredients and sustainable raw materials from the very beginning, and providing the consumer confidence and transparency through the label.

Lavera are guided by the standards for controlled natural cosmetics, defined by NATRUE. Lavera products are tested and certified by an independent institute IMO Control (Institute for Market Ecology).

Without exception, Lavera skin care and beauty cosmetic products are developed and produced according to these standards. For Lavera hair care products, among other ingredients, Lavera use near-natural raw materials, which combine effectiveness and wholesomeness in one, and thus Lavera consciously strike a compromise in favour of effectiveness.

In the extremely gentle production processes of the Lavera products, natural raw materials from controlled organic cultivation and certified wild crop collection are always the first choice. Lavera completely avoid artificial pigments and preservatives, as well as animal testing or genetically modified material. Also, the fragrances that Lavera create in collaboration with leading perfume manufacturers in France and Lavera's in-house perfume expert, are 100% naturally pure.


If you have read the history of Thomas Haase and Lavera, you know that the compatibility of Lavera's some 250 products are the focus of Lavera's work. As the first natural cosmetics manufacturer, Laverana GmbH & Co. KG offered with its Neutral series a comprehensive allergy care system.

Lavera care system Baby & Children Neutral is specially suited for children's skin that is extremely sensitive and reacts allergically.

The fact that Thomas Haase placed an emphasis on compatibility in the development of his Lavera products, goes without saying. That's why the entire Lavera range is particularly hypoallergenic, also offers Lavera products for extremely sensitive skin and is 100% dermatologically tested. With Lavera's neutral fragrance systems Neutral and Baby & Children Neutral as well as the Neutral Sun Protection, Lavera was the first natural cosmetics manufacturer to offer comprehensive care series, especially attuned to the extremely sensitive skin of adults and of babies and toddlers.


Research and development are always active at Lavera. Lavera trail-blaze new paths, utilise vegetable plant liposomes, or even hyaluronic acid for measurable and noticeable results, and Lavera have developed organic plant fluids, along with the first 100% mineral UV protection in the world. And Lavera's research continues, as one can see based on the regular stream of Lavera product innovations. Lavera are only satisfied when they can offer the best: the best ingredients, the best compatibility, and the best effectiveness.

It is important to Lavera to offer genuine natural cosmetics that have a proven level of effectiveness. Proof of effectiveness is offered by Lavera's specialist in-house department and by external, independent testing institutes.


Since its founding in 1987, Laverana GmbH & Co. KG has been dedicated to active brand and market development of consistent natural cosmetics, and with Lavera Naturkosmetik, it is among the market leaders in the international cosmetics market.

Success for the Lavera company and its some 350 employees is when its concepts lead to fruition and the cosmetics and brand worlds meet worldwide acceptance. The aim of the company is the democratisation of natural cosmetics – all consumers ought to have the opportunity to enjoy care with genuine natural cosmetics. Thus, the company has been actively focused on shaping the market since the company was founded in 1987. Introducing innovations in the market of natural cosmetics and thus actively shaping and further developing the market are just as much a part of the company as utmost quality standards for its products and their effectiveness.

Research and development are always evolving: new manufacturing processes and natural active ingredients are constantly being developed. Manufacturing was protecting natural resources – sustainable production with green power, sustainable raw materials, special packaging. The company brings natural cosmetics to a large following of consumers and actively shapes the market – everyone ought to be able to enjoy natural cosmetics care – consumer wishes and care needs are fulfilled in each marketplace.

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