Balade En Provence more than a Solid Shampoo

Hello ! We are a waste-free organic cosmetics company from Provence and we manufacture sensorial beauty bars for hair, face and body.

BALADE EN PROVENCE was founded in the village of Opio and our name means "a walk in Provence". Our products are inspired by the art, perfumes and flora of the region ...

When we launched our first skin care range four years ago, we were surprised to discover that most shampoos, shower gels and other liquid skin care products contain more than 80% water, chemical preservatives and plastic packaging.

The idea of energy-guzzling trucks, boats and planes to transport water-based products packaged in plastic with potentially harmful ingredients for customers was not right for us, so we decided to do something about it.


Our corporate philosophy is to promote "bienveillance".

"Bienveillance" is a French term that can be defined as "generosity or desire to do good".

At Balade en Provence, we believe that all actions, big and small, have an impact. Therefore, we strive to do what is "right" when developing our products, interacting with customers, working in our community and managing environmental waste.

Our hope is that our actions will inspire others to spread bienveillance as well.