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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Antipodes was developed by Wellington based founder Elizabeth Barbalich just eight years ago.

Antipodes love taking the best of New Zealand nature to the world. Antipodes range of certified organic and premium natural skincare and makeup is sold in 12 countries internationally, as well as their homeland New Zealand where it’s proudly made.

You’ll recognise Antipodes by its distinctive design. The recyclable packaging contains bioactive New Zealand botanical ingredients and scientifically validated skin solutions. Heavenly pure plant fragrances evoke experiences in Antipodes like waking to dew-scented air after a star-filled summer night.

Connect with Nature

Premium plant oils like nutrient-rich avocado oil carry potent bioactive skin-enhancing ingredients from New Zealand nature like manuka honey, harekeke flax, mamaku black fern and pohutukawa bloom. Independent government organic certification is proof of many of the products’ authentic organic status, and the range is certified safe for vegetarians by the esteemed UK Vegetarian Society.

Antipodes : Certified Organic

Antipodes is strong on limiting human exposure to synthetic chemicals and limiting human effect on the environment, so it certifies its organic products and aspires to the lightest of carbon footprints. Antipodes always favours the use of raw ingredients that are cultivated sustainably on certified organic orchards.

What are the criteria for a fully certified organic product?

* 100% natural ingredients. * 70 to 95% of these natural ingredients must be certified organic. * Strict international criteria govern all of the remaining ingredients.

Antipodes products are certified organic by the independent government body AsureQuality Ltd, leading provider of food safety and biosecurity services in the southern hemisphere. It upholds the strictest worldwide organic standards.

Antipodes also use BioGro, the most recognised organic logo amongst New Zealanders. It is also renowned in wider export markets including Asia, Europe, Australia and the US. Having the largest organic market share means the BioGro logo has become synonymous with certified organics. The other premium natural products in the Antipodes range are very clean and pure, using high quality raw materials with low or no residue component. Antipodes products that are not certified organic are 98- 100% natural.

Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty

Antipodes is pioneering an exciting new niche in skincare globally: natural formulations with scientifically validated performance. Impressive results from independent third-party in-vitro investigations prove that synthesis of collagen is significantly stimulated in human fibroblast skin cells in key Antipodes products by at least 51%, and rising right through to 92% in top seller Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.

Dermatogically Approved

Several Antipodes products are demagogically approved for sensitive skin. Tests are conducted in a New York Laboratory where 50 women with self-nominated sensitive skin are subject to repeated patch testing of Antipodes products over a period of six weeks.

Sensitive skin is an inherited condition, or genetic predisposition. It usually occurs in fair skin (people with northern European ancestry), which has less pigmentation and a thinner epidermal layer. People with sensitive skin are prone to redness, facial flushing and itchiness, and can also be more vulnerable to allergies.

Sensitised skin is skin that changes or becomes 'sensitised' to various cosmetics, environmental aggressors or a bad diet. It is not genetic and people of any ethnicity can suffer from sensitised skin during their lifetime. Its severity varies depending on factors like climate, air conditioning and indoor heating. Sensitised skin is less visible than sensitive skin and resides at deeper levels of the dermis, but still results in stinging and itchiness. It can be managed by ensuring your diet contains essential fats, and supporting this with beauty products that help improve and increase the skin's natural barrier, thereby increasing and balancing sebum production.

Plant Ingredients Each and every premium botanical ingredient in an Antipodes skincare product earns its place. The sustainably cultivated plant extracts not only have to be certified organic or genuinely natural, but they must also be able to enhance your skin’s natural health and beauty – which is how our effective beauty products achieve such extraordinary scientific validation.

Bioactive extracts from New Zealand's plant species that have evolved in Antipodean isolation over millions of years go through a rigorous selection process. The extracts have natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant-rich properties: New Zealand’s world-famous manuka, totara, kowhai and mamaku black fern offer a powerhouse of nutrients to your skin.

Antipodes also combs the world for potent skin-enhancing ingredients like the vibrant Himalayan goji berry, South America's wrinkle-reducing jojoba, deeply moisturising Australian macadamia nut oil and China's Reishi mushroom of immortality.

Antipodes says NO to:

  • *animal testing.

  • *genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) ingredients.

  • *synthetic fillers or silicon derived ingredients.

  • *artificial colours or artificial fragrances.

  • *sls sodium lauryl sulphates.

  • *mineral oils.

  • *petrochemicals.

  • *animal ingredients (except honey and beeswax from living bees).

  • *parabens; ethyl-, methyl-, propyl-, butyl-.

Ethos: Green Beauty Love Nature. Those two words guide Antipodes in everything they do. Antipodes are constantly inspired by the natural beauty of their homeland New Zealand: an exotic, fresh and new world Antipodean nation. It's elemental to the substance and style of Antipodes products, so they’re doing everything they can to care for it responsibly – from the full traceability of ingredients from sustainably cultivated plants to local production and recyclable packaging.

Antipodes love ingredients from Nature Antipodes believe they have found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature. Antipodes carefully select bioactive extracts from sustainably cultivated native plants to create skincare products that are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin. And Antipodes assiduously avoid synthetic preservatives, going to considerable trouble to use natural preservative compounds instead, which are both better for you and better for the environment.

Antipodes packaging is recyclable Antipodes packaging features fully recyclable bottles and aluminum tubes, and 100% biodegradable card from sustainable forests.

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