Using Natural Skincare

Are you using Natural & Organic Skin Care for the first time?


Tips & Frequently Asked Questions on purchasing Natural & Organic Skin Care products for the first time - this is a great guide for the more SENSITIVE skin types.

1. Important: If you have skin conditions or sensitivities, these conditions should be treated first as a priority. Please choose products suitable for sensitive skins only (please contact us if you need advice before purchasing). If you have not used natural and organic essential oil based skin care before, you need to check for potential allergies*. You should limit your choice to a few products at a time, for example, if you need to purchase a new skincare line, instead of buying the whole range, eg. cleanser, toner and moisturiser, just try one of these to establish your own skin compatibility towards the natural product line. With natural and organic skin care products, you no longer need to use huge amounts of product to obtain good results, a little goes a long way. Also, the unscented and/or baby/child care formulations are ideal for skins not used to essential oil based skin care. We do have a section for Specialist Skin Therapies.

*If you are susceptible to serious allergies, the first step is to organise a patch test with your doctor, who can establish your own allergy triggers. Once a patch test has taken place you can then use your list of allergy triggers to avoid certain ingredients - by using our product ingredient listings provided beside every single product. To make this procedure fail safe, please email us to let us know your own allergy triggers, so that we can check your shopping list for the ingredients you wish to personally avoid. [Please note: even if a product declares it is ok for sensitive skin and other people have said it is ok for them may not mean it is ok for you to use – you may be one of the few people that may have personal allergies towards a particular component in a specific natural essential oil used. Even the most gentle known ingredient may cause a problem for a few. Some of our customers are allergic to water. But, in most cases, the healing properties of the herbs and essential oils can be of great benefit to an array of different skin conditions and disorders.

2. Changing Organic and Natural Formulations: Natural & Organic product ingredients can change on a very regular basis as some ingredients can be very hard to get hold of. For example, the crops were a failure/they are seasonal/were not good enough for the product in question, etc. So for this reason, very PURE natural and organic products can vary in smell, texture and abilities all year round. As most people are so used to consistent synthetic chemical compositions, most think that natural should be the same too, and they are far from it. Please note: because changes can even vary from batch to batch, we may not have the correct listings copied to our site in time for every single change made. We do ask that if a customer has certain ingredients that they wish to avoid (for allergy purposes) to contact us to check what is actually in the bottle, before buying. But not to worry! The brands we have chosen to retail have very high standards too, and will not be including nasty ingredients any time soon! Please also note: that some so called natural and organic suppliers still use synthetic fragrances to cover up ingredient variations - these brands are not what we would class as truly authentic natural & organic skincare products, hence, we do not stock them.

3. Please do not bulk buy – only purchase what you need. Natural & Organic skin care products are always best used as fresh as possible. We always keep a stock level that matches demand. All products are freshly produced and delivered to our Warehouse & Shop.

4. By limiting your purchase to a few products at a time, you can see how your skin reacts in a controlled situation. For example, how does the new natural SLS free Shampoo feel? In some respects it can take up to 2 months to stop your scalp from itching/causing dandruff (see point 5 in how the skin forms).

5. Your skin takes from 15 days (in younger people) to 45 days (in older people) to surface from the base layer to the uppermost layer. There are 4 to 5 layers in total within the Epidermis (the extra layer is found in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hand - this is the extra keratin layer). To see if a product truly works it can take the full cycle from 15 to 45 days to show true results. You cannot truly tell within just 2 or 3 days if a product works or not. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule:
1. If the product is too stripping or heavy, which can cause instant reactions in sensitive skin types, ie. if the product is too heavy = excess heat, inflammation may be triggered. If too stripping = excess oil may be produced so that the skin can defend itself.
2. If the product does not contain enough hydrating properties for drier skins, the skin will be taut and dry.

Reducing the amount of products you purchase when trying natural & organic skin care products will help to alleviate the possible costs incurred should the product not work for you. We also carry a good selection of unscented products available, that is, if you consider yourself a high risk for allergies.

6. If you suffer an illness, i.e. stomach upset, become too stressed, your diet is poor (little or no fruit and vegetables) or you are drinking little or no water, it can take from 15 days to 45 days to show the affects this may have in your uppermost skin layer. If you are prone to an oilier, or more specifically sensitive skin type, the affect of illness/stress/little water intake/poor diet in relation to your skin can be immediate, simply because the defence mechanism is triggered to produce more sebum (facial oil). This is why it can be so difficult to gauge what our skin truly likes and dislikes.

7. If a certain natural and organic skin care product works for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you; skin is as individual as we are to each other. Throw in personal skin allergies & intolerance, and it makes the choice even more difficult!

8. Always keep natural and organic products out of direct sunlight and heat.

9. Don’t be tempted to ‘save’ natural and organic products – best results are assured when the fresh products are used straight away.

10. Important: If you have found that you are indeed allergic to essential oils, it would be better for you to try our unscented range. This also goes for people who desperately want to try natural and organic skin care, but have had difficulty and countless reactions to petro-chemical skin care ingredients in the past. You need to give your skin some time to calm down before being more adventurous with the more exotic sounding herbal and aromatherapy based items. Immediately changing from petro-chemical ingredients to the more loaded herbal and essential oil based products can possibly leave you with the same problems. Perhaps stay with the baby/child and unscented products for the time being?

11. Using deodorants: your underarm area can be the most sensitive place indeed. If you shave under your arms it is important not to use a deodorant straight after shaving (if you are indeed sensitive in this area) as this in itself can cause irritation. If you are highly sensitive in this area, a good option is to shave the night before/every other night (best option is to leave shaving as long as you possibly can) to decrease sensitivity. Again, try unscented deodorants. Deodorants are not antiperspirants. It isn't healthy to halt the perspiration process. There is a large collection of Lymph Nodes found in the armpit area; their main purpose is to eliminate the body’s toxic waste. If the pores have been blocked by an antiperspirant – what happens to the toxins that are usually naturally eliminated from the body?

12. Using Cleansers: Try visiting a Beauty/Holistic Therapist who can show you the facial massage movements.

13. Why do we not carry all  products from every single brand?
a. It could be, we haven't got around to stocking that item as yet.
b. The particular product in question is not too popular.
c. That 'particular' product contains animal by~products, such as carmine, silk, elastin or collagen. Please check our Ingredients Listing Integrity Policy for more information about our integrity standards.
d. Or, we are not 100% happy with the ingredient listing, since we are very strict in this area.

14. Q. Some natural shampoos don't seem to lather a great deal. How can a shampoo clean the hair without a lot of lather?
A. Shampoos do not need to generate lots of suds to clean hair effectively. Here's what happens when you shampoo - detergent and soap molecules have two ends: a hydrophilic (water loving) "head" and a lipophilic (oil loving) "tail". The oil-loving tails attach to the oil and dirt in your hair. When you rinse, the water loving heads attach to the rinse water, so the oil and dirt are pulled out of your hair. When detergent molecules mix with water and align in a spherical shape, suds, or lather, are formed. Lather doesn't really assist the cleansing process, except that it might make it easier for you to feel that your shampoo has been evenly distributed. We've been conditioned to like lather. But many shampoos rely on inexpensive, petrochemical derived detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphates etc. for their foam building properties. These chemicals can dry out the hair and scalp, and may cause allergic reactions as well as environmental problems.

15. Lanolin: the suppliers we choose to retail strictly check their Lanolin sources for pesticide residues. Lanolin is a very valuable ingredient for nourishing extra dry skins [but not sensitive] and is especially invaluable in foot based products, for example, exceedingly dry cracked heels. However, we understand that some of you may still wish to avoid this ingredient. So of course, as usual, if the product contains Lanolin it will be shown in the product ingredient listing.

16. Still not sure what skin type you are? Please see the attached 'Facial Skin Analysis' by Anne Thomas, Holistic Therapist, Fellow of International Council of Holistic Therapists.

Taking on board the above recommendations will hopefully enable you to enjoy this new experience instead of coming up with new problems. Particularly as most people opt for the organic & natural lifestyle because of the many allergies encountered with petro-chemical skin care. Take it slowly, purchase smaller quantities and listen to what your skin truly desires. Hopefully this will mean that you spend less and find better results with these beautiful natural & organic skin care products, as we do.

Finally, how sensitive are you? Are you one of the many rising numbers of people, like me, suffering with Multi Chemical Sensitivity, or commonly known by its acronym - MCS? Multi Chemical Sensitivity is affecting more and more of our customers these days, and the symptoms vary in levels from mild to severe. This ailment is also known as Environmental Illness EI. There is no known cure, but avoiding key MCS triggers provides instant relief. Most common triggers relating to the beauty industry are artificial perfumes. So, if you have a problem in this area we recommend unscented products.