Managing Rosacea


Managing Sensitive skin has become for me, an art form. There are so many ingredients/products which I need to avoid these days in order to keep my skin’s equilibrium. But, I’m also a girl at heart and prone to experimenting! Hmm – Sensitivity and experimenting don’t go well together, there will be tears! For instance, I recently experimented with a lovely clay cleanser, but silly me left the clay cleanser on my face as a face mask for far too long. Ouch. My T zone was looking and feeling really great, but my poor cheeks were angry, sore & red - my Rosacea prone skin was extremely angry at me for forgetting my skin's delicate disposition. It is times like these that I’m thankful for my resiliency and I can resolve this kind of situation pretty quickly. 

First off, beating myself up for getting it wrong again doesn’t help. I take a deep breath and move on. 

My cheeks were in urgent need of hydration. Personally, for me Aloe Vera is the super hydrator of all times, and it calms my skin down almost instantly. Of course, just using Aloe Vera alone on my skin isn’t enough. It absorbs fast into my skin and also manages to evaporate too, due to the intense heat my red raw cheeks are giving off! Oh no - oh no… my mind is racing, Rosacea is a harsh beast to overcome and most times I can keep the beast in slumber by keeping my skin well hydrated with a very simple skin care routine.

The angry Rosacea was showing signs of its wrath, it turns up the heat. I in turn require more Aloe Vera to quench the beast’s thirst… These days I manage this very well. I pander and pamper my skin for a good 20 minutes… adding more Aloe Vera to my face until it is dewy and super hydrated and the heat has subsided from my angry red Rosacea cheeks.

In the past I used to be in too much of a hurry to bother with tending to my skin, which has probably accounted for the emergency maintenance I now need to make from time to time - for when I get it wrong. I used to get angry with the amount of attention my skin demanded, well, now I know it is because I ignored my skin back then, and now it takes even more effort to please the Rosacea beast.

In all likelihood, if you suffer with sensitive skin challenges, it is worth the extra effort to find out what your skin prefers – earlier the better in order to avoid future permanent damage – please read this article for a little more personal information about Rosacea >>>

Once I’ve hydrated my skin with plenty of Aloe Vera, it is now time to seal in the hydration with a good moisture barrier – just so that it keeps the moisture in where it needs it most, close to the skin. Now, this is also a fine and delicate dance. The Rosacea beast has been awakened, so I still need to tip toe around in this area, and add my chosen moisture barrier sparingly – in order to avoid trapping the Rosacea heat. A good oil based product will do the trick in the shape of a balm. If my skin is still stinging I will need to add more Aloe Vera – one hydration session probably won’t be enough, so throughout the day I apply the Aloe Vera a few more times to get the skin back on balance, comfortable. 

For me, the Rosacea redness may linger longer than the actual stinging and unpleasant physical sensations associated with Rosacea. It takes my skin a few days to reduce redness, a few red blotches may remain, but if I have done my rescue routine correctly my skin will feel comfortable again in just a matter of an hour.

With Love, Angie XX
Founder of There Must Be a Better Way