Eczema & Over Washing

Are we a nation of over-washers? Eczema can be an irritating fact in Autumn. The temperature is falling, which is great temporarily as the skin starts to feel cooler and the hot burning itch subsides for a short while. Then, after a while the autumn/winter months start leaching moisture from dry - eczema prone skins leaving dry patches, which if not tended to, can open up quickly into weeping wounds.


The first thing to cut back on is the extensive use of washing products: shampoos and body washes. Over using even the most gentle body washes can deplete precious skin oils at this crucial time.

Since curing myself from excessive skin dryness - eczema - I learnt to use very little soap. Our skins are super and can self cleanse and regenerate without too much interference from us. Learning to cut down on the over washing is the first step in getting your skin back in balance.


If you just love the smell of your favourite shower gel - rather than using lots of it, how about getting hold of an essential oil to boost the fragrance, instead of using too much body wash/shampoo?


Incidentally, if you want to know how to use less soap in some areas, and use normal amounts of soap in others, the difference is according to where your apocrine sweat glands are located - apocrine sweat glands are larger and produce more sweat than normal sized sweat glands. These sweat glands can be found in the armpits and the groin area. Apocrine secretions contain similar components to normal sweat plus fatty substances and proteins. It is milky or yellowish in colour - this secretion is odourless, however, when this matter is broken down by bacteria it takes on a musky and generally unpleasant odour - body odour. These sweat glands become functional at puberty. Keeping normal soap usage in these areas is vital - but using soap in other places not really so vital. Stress increases sweat activity too.

Lavera's Cranberry Body Care is great for exceedingly dry skins!

Article written by Angie Coleman from There Must Be a Better Way Ltd / Organic Soul Beauty