Dry Skin

Dry skin is a very common skin condition in today's environment. Dry skin is characterised by a lack of hydration in the top layer of skin. Dry skin symptoms can range from rough dry patches of skin, which may then lead to over sensitivity, red skin, flaking skin, skin feeling taut and tight. The most irritating symptom of dry skin is itching. If dry skin isn't taken care of properly, it may lead to skin disorders such as Eczema. If you scratch dry skin, it will give you relief in an instant, but the scratching of the skin will break down the skin's natural protective barrier [Acid Mantle] if the dryness isn't taken care of. This leaves the skin open, defenseless and may possibly lead to bleeding. If the skin is left in a dry state for too long infections can take hold.


Any number of factors may cause dry skin, the cold Winter months are certainly one, as moisture is leached from the skin. Hormonal fluctuations/changes can alter the skin's feel and appearance too. Over washing is another, along with using harsh detergents on the skin. If you suffer with dry skin, then these products may provide your skin with relief. But, if your skin is very sore & sensitive and has opened up, you may be better off checking our Eczema page for more suitable products. Please note: if you have never suffered with dry skin, and your skin has all of a sudden altered to suddenly being dry, then you must seek medical guidance from your Doctor.

Article written by Angie Coleman from There Must Be a Better Way Ltd / Organic Soul Beauty