Skin Quench - Today I Am a Super Hydration Booster

​A Delicious Super Skin Hydration


How can you top up your skin's moisture/hydration levels? By mixing Skin Quench with your favourite facial &/or body lotion [only mix together in the palm of your hand].


Recently, I've been rewarded by looking after myself, by staying away from Intolerance / Allergy triggers. I've been able to go back to some personal favourite facial moisturisers & body lotions ~ !! but !! I am still taking it easy with the aromas. If in doubt, I'll stick with unscented. But oh my word ~ Skin Quench mixed in with these facial & body moisturisers are doing EXTRA wonders for my skin!

As any true follower of Natural products will know that mixing water & oil together requires including some sturdy preservatives & emulsifiers in to the mix. Which, of course, I didn't want to do when I created my all purpose skin butter. So I stuck to a Butter Balm recipe – which does not require assistance from ANY preservatives or emulsifiers. But, we can still have the best of both worlds, oh yes! By mixing skin care products together! Not only does the mixture do untold wonders for the skin, but it also makes your favourite products last longer too. There are so many plus+ benefits here; I couldn't possibly list them all. But I am happy to say the No 1 bonus here is the ability to become a skin hydration barrier, as it is able to retain all that lovely moisture in the skin. This is an invaluable skill if you suffer with extremely dry skin bordering on Eczema.


You can mix the Skin Quench and facial/body moisturiser together in the hand, which is more time productive if you are using a body moisturiser mix. But for a facial, I personally like to take my time; This ritual is more about showing love for me rather than applying numerous products... I'll take my time and give myself a mini facial massage to show myself appreciation. To say thank you to me ~ for the patience I've learned to show myself when my skin & intolerances / allergies are misbehaving – this is truly a miracle for me.


You can use the Skin Quench after you have used your normal products: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, sealing in all that wonderful goodness with a nice hydration barrier of Skin Quench. Of course, if your skin is a little heated and overly sensitive, you may want to reconsider the amount of layers you apply - sensitive skin can get all hot and bothered, and layering products on to the skin will give it the perfect excuse to let you know about it!

If you have been living with an unpredictable skin type, you’ll know that no one day is ever the same, and the ability to persevere and extend untold patience towards ourselves when our skin is upset, is, fundamentally, an amazing skill to be proud of! Be proud :) 

With Love, Angie XX