My pregnancy was giving me hell, my skin was itching and there was a burning sensation which made me very stressed and anxious. I used Skin Quench and it immediately stopped the burning and the itching and my skin started to feel supple and elastic. I am thoroughly pleased with this cocoa butter balm. Thank you.


I love the chocolate aroma of this cocoa butter balm. It fills the whole room with its gorgeous scent. Feels wonderful on my Rosacea skin. Keeps it calm and supple. 100% pleased with my butter cream.


I have used so many creams to date and they all burned my skin. This was soothing and calming. As soon as i put it on my skin it just calmed down the angry redness instantly. My cheeks were glowing angry red and sore after a long walk with my boyfriend. My complexion has calmed down and this is only after using it after a couple of days. Amazing magical stuff.


Thank you for letting me know you're making skin quench again. My little boy is 6 years old now, but he still gets a bit of Eczema now and then. I've bought a pot ready for his next eczema attack. I missed your cream so much, nothing works as well on his skin.


I know I should stop washing my hands so much but I can't help worrying about germs on my hands with my 3 month old baby. Your cream has healed my hands so many times and other dry eczema bits too. I've stopped having so many steroid treatments now and just rely on your cream to get me through. I love the smell it is subtle not too in your face. 


Hello, I was in receipt of your cream yesterday. Thank you for delivery. I was in the process of bringing my daughter to the doctor later this afternoon as her nappy rash was getting worse. I've been using the balm at every change since receiving it and I have just now cancelled the doctor's appt. as her skin has gone back to normal. I will be purchasing more. Thank you.


Thank you. I received my cream yesterday morning. I tried it in a few places, hands, body, and my face. Very nice. My skin feels softer and smoother already. I've had eczema around my eyes for years. It always comes back in winter time. If I use a good cream on it doesn't get worse. But, my eye was very puffy yesterday as I kept rubbing my eye and I was thinking I'll have to go to the doctor to get my usual steroid ointment. I put extra skin quench on the eye lid, the eczema is in the crease and it was starting to spread. I woke up this morning. My eye looked so much better and had stopped itching. Less red and roar looking. I put some more on this morning and my eyes look less puffy and the redness has completely gone. I am very very impressed.


I own a market stall and I was not looking forward to selling my crafts on the stall this winter. I've been wearing the skin quench for 2 weeks and my skin feels really safe and protected from the cold whipping winds and my hands are looking so much better too. I cannot always wear gloves as I need to handle delicate objects so my hands get treated roughly from the the winter. But this winter on the stall isn't so bad and my Rosacea isn't so angry looking either and doesn't burn angry and itching from the warm house in the evening and I want to sell your cream on my stall because that is all I've been telling people about. lol.


Healed my 3 month old baby boy's sore eczema. Now I use for almost everything!


Soothing, calming & healing for eczema.


No more itching. Skin feels supple and not burning tight. Good stuff.


It is wonderful stuff heals my dry eczema hands brilliantly.


Healed my Eczema instantly. Thank you.


Stopped the Eczema itch immediately!


I have been suffering with this condition for ages. I have been so embarrassed. This is my 2nd baby and I developed piles. They started to get better but then became very itchy. I ordered your cream for my stretching belly skin and because it helped with the tight itchy feeling over my belly I tried it for my itchy piles. The itchy magically disappeared instantly. No joke. Instant. I took time off work because I couldn't face sitting there with such an embarrassing itch in such an embarrassing place. You have saved my sanity. Oh, yes a very good stretch cream too. Makes my skin very supple. But unexpectedly delighted with the other problem. I won't tell you my name, but every pregnant lady needs to know about this cream for piles. Love from a very happy lady XxX


Stopped the eczema dead in its tracks. I have never used a cream that worked so quick. Instantly quelled the itch.


This is a really good eczema cocoa butter. I also have rough, coarse, bumpy hair, I have kept my hair natural. No more treating it with the flat iron and chemicals. Good hair pomade for my fro as it smoothed my frizz, bad breakages and sorted my dandruff. I was lucky I didn't have to shave more hair off.


For the last couple of years I've had to stop taking my Sunday winter walks with my family, because in the evening my face would flare up bright red and get really sore and start opening up and flaking badly. Because of this I'd then get eczema. I was very miserable. I used other creams to protect my skin when I went outside but instead of the cold and wind causing the problem the actual cream made me blister. Either way I could only stay in an even temperature climate otherwise my rosacea would come up and spoil my face. I've been trying skin quench for a week and because it felt so good when I went outside for a short while I dared risk it for a longer walk in town during the week. I used a little more on my face and I am actually amazed that this cream protected my skin with no nasty allergic reactions. I had my after Sunday dinner walk with my family and I am happy to say my skin feels good, calm and soothed. No problems. I could cry. Thank you so much for this wonderful butter balm.


I am over the moon that you're making your skin quench again. I've just bought a pot. I really like to use it for my eyes, takes the sagging away. Thank you for letting me know. Very appreciative.


Angie I am so glad i can buy your cream again, we have all missed you since you left Reading


Cleared off my eczema overnight. I really love the smell of this chocolate cream. My skin feels wonderful and velvety and I've never had a cream that has felt this good before. I tried it around my eyes too, then my face, my neck, my body, my elbows, my feet. My nails, my hands. My hair. I gave some to my sister to try on her baby's nappy rash and I just spoke to her. She is buying some from you right now. It takes off my make up too. I use it as a face cleanser, a moisturiser. It is also my anti ageing cream too. I have looked at my dresser in the bedroom, I don't need any of these products any more, just this one. This cream will save me a fortune