Relax the Stress

Often times when we're feeling stressed and knowing that stress is not good for us, can lead into a vicious cycle we may find hard to climb out of.

Stress can be triggered for all sorts of reasons, the most common are: overwork, grief and depression. Often times these reasons are interlinked. A stressed mind usually has a hard time clearing the mind fog, so work becomes overwhelming, and we cannot see the wood for the trees. Grief can come in all sorts of variations from a loss of a job to a loved friend or family member. Traumatic events, especially if they occur one after another can lead to all sorts of stressful complications, leading to a lack of overall energy, health and wellbeing.

Staying in a constant state of fight or flight stress response leaves our blood sugars at a high, blood vessels constrict and our heart rate rises - all together raising our blood pressure. Assimilation of nutrients is harder as digestion decreases and can halt altogether. What we do not digest turns into bacterial fermentation leading to bloating [IBS problems etc.] and eventually we're gaining weight / fat without understanding why? Blood flow is temporarily diverted from non essential organs to the brain, heart and skeletal muscles. So our skin, hair and nails are the first to suffer from lack of essential nutrients, which then may lead onto skin challenges such as eczema, etc.

Learning how to relax is vital to our health and sleep is certainly a crucial part of our wellbeing. Going without sleep can cause all manner of ailments, including increasing tension relating to stress. It is important to find the right level of relaxation that suits you. 

If you need a little bit of extra help in this area I have a few suggestions for you to consider:

1. Learn meditation, this can take various forms such as reading, walking, gardening or just being outside enjoying nature.


2. Learn something creative, it has been suggested in recent research that something as simple as colouring in can distract the mind from overwhelming worries.


3. Learn how to breathe properly. This sounds odd, but taking up Yoga not just for the exercise but learning how to breathe properly may be beneficial. When focusing on your breathing while carrying out yoga movements, you can effectively distract your mind from worrying thoughts.


4. Our favourite, a sniff of pure Lemon essential oil - lemon eases the worried mind. Lemon oil is actually known as calming. It may also ease headaches, insomnia and nightmares.


5. Exercise is great for detoxing the lymphathic system. Moving muscles helps sluggish lymph flow better and in turn assists our natural detoxification processes. Sometimes a relaxing massage focusing on lymphathatic drainage is the ticket for relieving stress related sluggish lymph. Best of all, combine the massage with aromatherapy - it is very highly recommended!


6. Learning to see the bigger picture - when we're worried and stressed about one particular thing it may be hard to see a situation from another point of view. Why not try seeking Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP strategies to help overcome being stuck in a certain mindset that perhaps no longer serves you?


7. Sometimes when we reach out and help others, this can distract us from our own story for the timebeing - in my own experience I've learnt so much from others by doing just this. It can be very refreshing to take a break from our own minds, and help others through their emotional journeys, obviously, if invited to do so.


8. If you work very hard, and this is all you do, you need to counter balance this with learning how to play.


9. Finding the positive in all things gets us through. This may be hard if you haven't tried this before, but finding appreciation where there is only upset can help. This may take a lot of practice in the early days, so start with something easy to begin with.


10. Upset? There is no right way to deal with being upset. So, compassion is required for everyone involved, and that does include ourselves. Grief can be one of the worst stress factors. It is important to let yourself flow through the emotions, grief / loss will take its own time. Always remember everyone handles grief in their own way, there is no right or wrong way. Try being OK with not being OK - giving yourself permission to just be with your emotions. 

Still need a little bit of help? You may wish to consider the following for promoting calm, relaxation & sleep:

Viridian Cherry Night a single teaspoon provides a unique blend of the amino acid glycine, cherry fruit juice powder, red date extract and magnesium known for their support to improve sleep and reduce daytime fatigue without causing drowsiness. Formulated for those who cannot sleep - insomnia, sleep disturbances and for people who cannot maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Glycine: amino acid has been studied and found to improve sleep quality when taken before bedtime. Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency is very common with some 60% of the population deficient in the vital mineral. Magnesium is required for melatonin production, the sleep hormone, and helps to also relax muscles and nerves. Red Date: has a long history of use for its relaxing properties. The most popular traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia today. Cherry: A rich source of phytochemicals that benefit the brain and nervous system. Cherries are also a natural source of the sleep hormone melatonin.


Viridian Cognitive Complex this is my all time top fave recommendation! Brain fog brought on by stress is difficult to wade through. This is my go to recommendation for those of us who find it difficult to focus when faced with stress triggers. Specially formulated to aid in brain health maintenance, especially in later life. 

Viridian's Cognitive Complex is an advanced combination of effective neuro-protective and antioxidant rich nutrients. This formula is specifically targeted to support brain function and assist cognition (mental processing) through reduced oxidative stress, improved cellular fluidity, neurotransmitter response and sense of relaxation.

If your stress is due to overworking, then this may be the answer! I often find quicker ways to resolve situations and circumstances when taking this Viridian beauty! Especially beneficial if you are suffering with disturbed sleep/fatigue from the night before.

Viridian Organic Avena Sativa (Oats) Tincture is made with fresh milk-stage Avena sativa seeds.

In folk medicine, oats were used by herbalists to treat nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and weakness of the nerves. A tea made from oats was thought by herbalists to be useful in rheumatic conditions and to treat water retention. A tincture of the green tops of oats was also used to help with withdrawal from tobacco addiction. Oats were often used in baths to treat insomnia and anxiety as well as a variety of skin conditions, including burns and eczema. Avena Sativa - Oats have been used for their many calming properties, including anti-anxiety, anti-fatigue, nutritive values and cholesterol reduction and used for many other ailments.

Viridian Quercetin B5 Plus Complex is known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & anti-histamine properties. Quercetin is generally used for virtually all inflammatory & allergic conditions, including hayfever, arthritis, lupus, food allergies [IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome], Eczema & Psoriasis.

New & Improved, this supplement now also includes the accessory elements, nettle, chamomile, pine bark and acerola in addition to the quecertin and vitamin B5. These ingredients combine to create an ideal formula for all seasons, especially the Spring when pollen is most prevalent. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) supports energy production, reducing tiredness and fatigue, and aids normal mental performance. Vitamin B5 is also the main nutrient for nourishing the adrenal glands, also known as the anti-stress vitamin. Quercetin is one of several bioflavonoids (special nutrients found with vitamin C in fruit and vegetables) used in popular food supplements. Quercetin consistently demonstrates the greatest activity among the flavonoids studied, with many plants owing much of their activity to their high quercetin content.

Other known properties for Quercetin: anti-viral & may be useful in glycemic disorders.

Vitamin D is known for its mood enhancing properties, well known for being an effective anti-depressant. As summer sun light increases serotonin levels, they are twice as high in summer as opposed to winter sun light. So, the disorder known as SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder] can play heavily during the colder months. Vitamin D is widely involved in brain function, so a deficiency in vitamin D may result in a lower mood, coinciding with a susceptibility to coughs, colds and flu.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that contributes to the normal function of the immune system and blood calcium levels which in turn supports the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

As fear of sun-exposure has grown and lifestyles have become more sedentary, exposure to the sun has dropped dramatically and vitamin D deficiency and the incidence of rickets has surged recently.


Our Primavera Sleep Therapy line welcomes relaxation and invites sleep with the soothing benefits of Organic Lavender Fine Essential Oil from Primavera's farm partner in Provence. A natural alternative to conventional sleep remedies, Primavera Sleep Therapy products can be used individually or as a set to create a supremely relaxing atmosphere. Organic Lavender Fine Essential Oil is deeply soothing and calming.

Just spray the Primavera Pillow Mist onto your pillow or spray into the room to create a relaxing atmosphere to enhance sleep.

Calming Primavera Sleep Therapy Balm delivers deeply soothing benefits to welcome relaxation and invite sleep.

Hero Ingredients include: Organic Lavender Fine Essential Oil is deeply soothing and calming. Organic Neroli Essential Oil relieves tension and stress with a gentle floral scent. Organic Honey Extract helps quiet the mind with a warm, mellow scent.

Primavera Sleep Therapy Roll on - Lavender is calming. The roll-on allows for easy and frequent application to soothe, relax and invite sleep. A perfect travel take-along. Roll onto neck, chest, temples and under nose as needed.


Primavera Sleep Therapy Blend - Lavender is a calming blend and is specially formulated to work in a diffuser and creates a relaxing environment. Add 2-8 drops to your diffuser.


We put together our Wellbeing page for Relaxation and Stress, we love finding natural alternatives first and foremost, rather than relying on pharmaceuticals to get us through. Find more wellbeing alternatives available from this page>>>

With Love, Angie Coleman X

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