The Agility of the Allergic Mind

There are times in our lives when we have to be agile in our thinking, and nothing is more adaptive and agile than the allergic Mind!

After buying numerous beauty products over the years, trying them, experiencing all sorts of nasty reactions ranging from mild to severe, and having to downgrade them to a hand cream [this is typical of a face cream] or give away. You have to learn to get a bit savvy. Because this kind of experience can cost! Besides, as you've already discovered, you have plenty of friends and family members willing to give your orphan beauty products a loving home.

Many people comment that I have a lot to say - I think they mean that in the kindest way possible?! Anyway - I always have solutions and remedies to hand, run out of a product in the bathroom, no problem! Simply use something else; even if it is out of the kitchen cupboard. I’ve experienced weird times and I’ve taken drastic measures = I’ve had to use butter on my hair when I ran out of anti-frizz hair serum… not truly advisable, but there you go… when you get caught out, you get caught out. But, you can disguise the butter aroma by adding a few essential oils [just don’t get too hot – people around you may start to get hungry – yum]. This is the very kind of thing I am talking about – being experimental.


Anyway, I’ve got lots to share, and I just cannot squeeze it all out on here… so I’ll be sharing now and then... If you are a pure natural fan and / or watch those pennies, you’ve probably seen this all said a million other ways, as there are so many others like us out there, who appreciate the basic ingredients available in our kitchen cupboards and stuff already available in the bathroom. These are people who can see beyond just a simple hair conditioner - oh yes, it can be so much more than just a mere hair conditioner!

And please remember, what may work for me, may not work for you… Please don’t experiment if you're wanting to look your best = Being a Bride and getting married the same day, or, you are attending an interview, or you are the chief Bridesmaid, etc. Experimenting is not advisable on these kind of days.

Have fun!

Lots of Love, always, Angie XX

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