Sunscreen and Sensitive Skin

How many holidays have been ruined by sensitive skin and allergic reactions to sunscreen? That all too familiar gut wrenching thought ‘what am I setting myself up for this holiday time?’ How much time is spent searching the highstreet and our supermarkets for a non-allergic sunscreen for sensitive skin? Which brand sunscreen shall I try this time around? What allergic reactions are waiting for me this holiday? Does this sound horribly familiar? It will do if you or your child suffer with sensitive skin tendencies towards sunscreens.

There is hope! Natural & Organic Sunscreens are ideal for those who have suffered terribly in the past with prickly heat and nasty skin rashes. So, please don’t risk exposing your skin unnecessarily to the sun. Just because those sunscreens inflicted discomfort in the past, does not mean these natural & organic sunscreens will. You will be pleasantly surprised with how these sunscreens feel on your skin! I know I was when I first started using natural & organic sun care protection. I used to suffer terribly using the more mainstream sunscreen brands. From an early age to my mid 20s I suffered continuously with allergic reaction after allergic reaction. So, in my mid 20s I had had enough… I went without sun protection – for years! Back then, I would choose to risk sunburn and sun damage rather than suffer with chemical burns, rashes and big nasty boils/spots. Rather than enjoying my holidays, I spent most of my time trying to treat nasty skin reactions or dealing with sunburn. Either way, my skin was in a terrible state. But, these natural & organic sunscreens will allow our skin to breathe, and the benefits of natural organic sunscreens are very noticeable straight away. 

Natural & Organic Sunscreens saved my skin from allergy misery & Sun Damage! I almost cried when I tried my first natural & organic sunscreen. It was more like a lovely rich body lotion. I use a lighter sunscreen for my face as facial skin tends to be more sensitive. There is no doubt, these natural & organic sunscreens leave my skin feeling nourished and sun protected. I then started to look forward to holidays rather than dreading them.


Why does sensitive skin react to Sunscreens?


The difference between the usual sunscreen brands available on the highstreet, supermarkets and the sunscreens we are happy to retail is the simple fact that natural and organic sunscreens use a pure natural base. [Of course, this sensitive skin issue with sunscreens doesn't deal with the different types of sun filters used, ie. natural/organic versus conventional sunscreen filters - that is another story entirely]. This natural base is comprised of vegetable/plant/nut/seed based oils which are loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and feed the skin topically. The highstreet & supermarket sunscreen brands typically use petro-chemical derived mineral oil. This petro-chemical derived mineral oil is a dead oil, it is very similar to putting plastic on skin. The lovely natural base in the natural and organic sunscreens allow our skin to breathe. Our skin is able to function normally this way. This is a very important difference. When a sun filter is added to an already suffocating petro-chemical derived emollient/sunscreen base, things can turn really nasty. Sensitive skins tend to heat up easily and if you are out in the warmer weather and are also wrapped in a plastic cling-film coating this can become really unbearable to sensitive skins. The heat that is generated from an already irritated skin state becomes trapped, and that is when the itching and the resulting skin discomfort is experienced usually immediately. There are varying degrees of intolerances & allergies that can be experienced on this scale, the term usually applied to this type of discomfort is "prickly heat". The sweat from the overheating skin becomes caught between our skin and the sunscreen.

If you are still terrified of reactions, please choose unscented sunscreens or sunscreens created for children. 

*Article by Angie Coleman
Founder, There Must Be a Better Way