Barefaced Beauty Mineral Makeup

Barefaced Beauty is an award winning mineral makeup brand, made in England and dedicated to providing a wide range of pure, natural mineral cosmetics. Barefaced Beauty mineral makeup is made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, it is completely free from, chemicals, parabens, ethanol alcohol and perfume, therefore making it gentle and beneficial to problematic or sensitive skin. Barefaced Beauty cosmetics are completely safe, fully tested and have gained Animal Cruelty Free international (Leaping Bunny approval), PETA approval, Vegan Society approval & Vegetarian Society approval.

The company was founded in 2005 by Nadine Anderson after she suffered an allergic reaction to a foundation that she had been using from a well known brand. After looking in detail at the ingredients listed, she was shocked to discover that the foundation contained chemicals, parabens, alcohol and many other irritants that were the possible cause of the distress that her skin had suffered. Following this, Nadine decided to research other alternatives and was delighted to discover mineral foundation, as apart from being completely natural she found that it gave excellent coverage and was gentle and kind to her sensitive skin. At this time however, Nadine found that pure, mineral foundation was not readily available in the UK, she then decided to set about having it specially made to the highest specification and the Barefaced Beauty Company was born.

Since launching, Barefaced Beauty remains highly acclaimed and has grown and developed into a leading supplier of pure, natural mineral make up with stockists and customers throughout the world. Barefaced Beauty's pure, natural, mineral product range has expanded and now includes foundation, finishing powder, bronzer, blusher, shimmer, eye shadow, lip gloss, a wonderful brand new natural mineral lipstick and a natural mineral mascara.

Barefaced Beauty Mineral Makeup products:

Barefaced Beauty Natural Mineral Foundation provides perfect coverage, concealing flaws easily, whilst still leaving your skin looking fresh and naturally beautiful. Barefaced Beauty Mineral Foundation will not clog pores and has healing properties making it ideal for problematic or sensitive skin.

Barefaced Beauty Natural Mineral Bronzer contains the finest of pure minearls which will give your skin a healthy glow whilst protecting with its natural healing properties.

Barefaced Beauty Mineral Colour Correctors calm and neutralise excessive redness on the face and camouflage dark circles under the eyes. They allow you to tone down and even out areas of high colour and disguise blemishes easily, making these Mineral Colour Correctors ideal for sufferers of Rosacea and Acne.