Badger Balm

Back in 1994, Badger Balm was barely a twinkle in Bill Whyte's eye. At the time, Bill owned a small contracting business that designed and built healthy, non-toxic houses around New England. During the harsh winters, many of the carpenters, including Bill, developed severe cracks in their hands that would bleed after a hard day of work out in the cold. Bill and his carpenter buddies could not find a lotion anywhere that was powerful enough to heal their cracked hands. Bill says, "My fingers were so bad, I started wrapping my hands at night in olive oil-soaked socks covered in plastic bags!" Bill dreamed of a cure for his winter chapped hands, and in the morning he mixed up some beeswax and olive oil in a pot on his kitchen stove. His fingers were soon healed, and the Badger Balm business was born. In 2008 Badger Balm became USDA Certified Organic. Badger Balm also began to use Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter. Every ingredient Badger Balm uses is ethically sourced.

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