Skin Quench - Today I Am a Hand Cream

The hands are one of the main places where skin can be extremely dry and prone to Eczema, typically because we wash hands much more than any other part of our body.

If you need to wash your hands more often, then choose a gentle SLS free hand wash.

Use Skin Quench all purpose cream as you would do a normal hand cream, but with extra nourishment. This is an intensive treatment for extreme dry skin conditions so the best time to achieve best results would be to use this cream at bedtime. Invest in some good quality hand gloves that can be worn in bed. Bed time is a great time to allow your hands to recover from the day's onslaughts. 


Our main extreme dry/eczema customers for Skin Quench all purpose cream are mums and nurses, both need to keep their hands clean, so they need a super hydrating cream to help support their very dry hands.

Skin Quench is made with Certified Organic Butters and Oils that possess amazing skin healing qualities, including: anti-inflammatories, rejuvenating/anti-ageing, antibacterial/antifungal and many many more wonderful attributes.


What our customers say "It is wonderful stuff heals my dry eczema hands brilliantly." and "Stopped the Eczema itch immediately!"




1. Take a small amount of Skin Quench all purpose cream and allow it to melt into your palms. If you have dry, sore and cracked palms this will be very beneficial.


2. Slowly rub your palms together, then sweep each hand over the back of the other hand and massage well. Don't forget wrists, fingers, knuckles, nail beds and cuticles. The heat from the massage will help the oils and butters melt into your skin, in turn providing their wonderful healing properties directly and deeply to where it is needed on your hands.


3. Don't use any more Skin Quench until you've given the butter a good minute or so to sink into the skin. The oils have the ability to penetrate deeper, so by the time the balm has sunk into the hands you may need a little more on top, especially if you are using the Skin Quench at bedtime.


4. If you use too much simply spread over other parts of the skin that may need a little hydration drink.


5. In the morning, you should notice how your hands look and feel softer, the skin will also feel more supple.


6. Depending on how dry, or flared your eczema skin is, use Skin Quench for 3 to 4 consecutive nights. 


7. Once you start to notice a huge improvement in the health of your hands, then just use the Skin Quench as a normal hand cream during the day, to prevent further outbreaks of extreme dry skin conditions.