Skin Quench - Today I Am a Bath Oil

Bath Time with Eczema is pure Hell. 

However, we have the solution if you really want to have a bath. Skin Quench all purpose cream can be used as a Bath Oil. Run your bath as normal - not too hot, and add a little bit of Skin Quench to the water. I chose Almond Oil as one of the main ingredients in Skin Quench partly because of its dispersal properties in water. Now, you have bath water which is slightly softer, and not so harsh to bathe in. Only use a mild gentle natural soap where you need it most, but otherwise leave most of your skin free of soap, if you can. 


Beware when stepping out of the bath, the oil may have made your bath surface slippery - be extra cautious. Be very gentle with your skin whilst drying, dab lightly. My best tip here would be to use a nice big fluffy towelling robe - and just drape over yourself and let your skin dry gently this way.


Fresh from the bath, your skin should be nicely hydrated with the Skin Quench Bath Oil - add more Skin Quench to the drier parts of skin.