Skin Quench - Today I Am an Eye Cream

Why use Skin Quench all purpose cream as an Eye Balm?


If your skin is in need of extra help, then unrefined cocoa butter is the super hero in that department!  

Moisture protects your skin and keeps your skin soft and supple. Your skin should be able to do this on its own - but during the Winter, or if your skin is struggling to obtain the nutrients it needs, then a little extra help may be required? So, today "I am going to be an EYE BALM".

When applying cocoa butter [and don't forget all those other rather lovely butters and oils] to the eye area the emollient cocoa butter creates a protective barrier between your skin and the environment which locks in much needed moisture. Unrefined cocoa butter is vitamin rich, and especially high in Vitamin E which also helps with skin repair.


What our customers say "I've had eczema around my eyes for years. It always comes back in winter time. If I use a good cream on it doesn't get worse. But, my eye was very puffy yesterday as I kept rubbing my eye and I was thinking I'll have to go to the doctor to get my usual steroid ointment. I put extra skin quench on the eye lid, the eczema is in the crease and it was starting to spread. I woke up this morning. My eye looked so much better and had stopped itching. Less red and roar looking. I put some more on this morning and my eyes look less puffy and the redness has completely gone. I am very very impressed."


Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for puffy eyes. Shea Butter also possesses skin anti-ageing rejuvenating abilities, preventing premature ageing. Ideal for eyelid eczema due to its ability to hydrate, soothe, retaining moisture and restoring skin elasticity.


Coconut oil keeps the skin's connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging and wrinkles. Softens the appearance of fine lines, and well Almond Oil is brilliant as an anti-ageing ingredient and when used over time can help prevent deep ageing creases in the skin.


Avocado is high in skin crucial Vitamin E, also possesses the highest plant source of Co Q10 and is rich in lecithin. Has a reputation for having a higher degree of penetration into the epidermis than most oils, keeping the skin super moisturised and supple. Moisturising, rejuvenating, healing, softening, anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle properties and prevents premature ageing. Reduces inflammation and relieves itchy skin, so especially ideal for Eczema and Psoriasis. Stimulates collagen to rebuild itself, results in the skin's improvement in pigmentation, firmness, texture and smoothness.


Jojoba is ideal for the skin around the eyes as it is a very good oil [akin to skin sebum] and has the ability to soothe and calm delicate skin, amazing moisture retaining qualities and also possesses very good anti-inflammatory properties coupled with its ability to heal wounds that have difficulty healing eg. for eyelid eczema.

Finally, we chose Argan simply because rich essential fatty acids, Omega 9, improves skin heath and prevents premature skin ageing / wrinkles by supporting cell renewal, repairing damaged skin cells. In turn, keeps your skin looking younger and fresher with antioxidants and Omega 6 which have been scientifically proven to nourish and protect skin and therefore visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines... and many many more healing qualities.

HOW TO USE as an EYE BALM: Simply take a little of Skin Quench and melt between thumb and ring finger. Once melted very gently dab around the eye area with your ring finger [avoid going too near the eye].