Skin Quench - Allergies

If you suffer with allergies at the moment, or you are worried about allergies/intolerances in general, before you start using our wonderful all purpose cream product, it will be a good idea to patch test our product on your skin before incorporating it into your daily routine. With my more allergic clients I always suggest they have a patch test performed by a Qualified Dermatologist, recommended by your GP, just to rule out certain ingredients you may have problems with. If you know you are having a skin patch test very soon, why not ask them to test for our ingredients, before buying our cream?

I have consulted with so many clients with allergies and intolerances over the last 10+ years and some of our clients are even allergic to water.  I myself have had nasty reactions/rashes from a product that has been hypoallergenic tested. There is no ingredient, even in nature, that will be 100% hypoallergenic for everyone.

Please don't assume that because this product is natural with 100% Organic Certified ingredients, it will be OK for you. 

... and, if you didn't already know this, our gorgeous cream does CONTAIN NUTS.