Skin Quench - Today I Am a Facial Cleanser

Any skin type can use Skin Quench all purpose cream for a Facial Cleanser


1. Fill your sink with warm water [never hot]. Put a wash cloth in the warm water and hold the warm, damp wash cloth over your face for a few moments. The warmth will open your pores and will allow the cleanser to remove dirt and grime far more effectively. This step prepares your skin for a thorough deep facial cleanse.

2. Don’t dry your face; Skin Quench all purpose cream works better if applied to damp skin, more slip and glide for a lovely facial massage.

3. Make sure you've tied your hair back as Skin Quench all purpose cream will make your hair greasy if it comes into contact.

4. Scoop out a little dollop of Skin Quench and warm it up in your hands. Skin Quench all purpose cream is a semi-solid but will start to soften right away in your warm hands and you won’t need to use much product unless your skin is exceedingly dry. 

5. Lightly apply Skin Quench over your face.

6. If your skin is combination/oily use very sparingly.

7. If you have time, how about a Spa ritual treat? Begin your massage. The massage movements will help to dislodge the grime and dirt from your pores and will assist with lymph drainage, so skin will look less puffy. Work from your neck upwards. Around the chin, up the cheeks, around the nose, across the forehead, around the eyes in small upward circles using your ring finger - starting from the outer upper eyebrow, moving all around the eyes and finally move under the eye's outer lower corners and sweep away towards the ears - be very gentle here and try not to drag too much - the skin around the eyes is very thin and can damage easily if not treated carefully. Perform small circles across the upper forehead and finish with some light tapping all over the face to increase circulation. Don't forget your ears. This should be pleasurable as your hands will have increased in warmth by now. Cup your ears for a moment, massage behind your ears, sweeping downwards and then upwards. Knead and squeeze the earlobes. Perform small circles going upwards and outwards behind your ears. Then lightly tug the earlobes outwards, moving from the upper part of the earlobe going downwards. Breath in and breath out.

8. ... and... Relax.

9. If you haven't got time for a massage, gently rub over the face.

10. You can now either just rinse with some warm water, or go back to the sink with your warm wash cloth. Hold the warm damp wash cloth over your face and lightly wipe away - be very gentle, don't drag the skin. Oilier skin types usually prefer rinsing with a wash cloth.

11. If you are cleansing in the morning, finish with a splash of cool water and then apply a little Skin Quench all purpose cream moisturiser if needed. If you are cleansing at night, you may not need any more moisturisation after using the Skin Quench all purpose cream as a facial cleanser. But if you do have excessive dry skin, it may be an idea to apply Skin Quench to those areas.

12. Please remember your skin is perfect and the idea is to get your skin to function by itself, because it normally can and it doesn't need any assistance from products ie. regulating skin oil and rejuvenating is all the functions the skin can perform without our help. But, in emergencies some topical assistance may be required, eg. Eczema skin challenges.