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I was inspired by our original name after suffering excessive bouts of eczema and exclaiming “there must be a better way to help me!” Back in 2002/2003, truly authentic natural and organic skincare was very difficult to locate in one area, or in one country. So, I set about ordering from various worldwide brands to help cater for my own skin discomfort.

After researching reputable skincare ingredients, trying various products and using my anatomy/physiology, massage & holistic aromatherapy training background as guidance, a moment of inspiration hit me “I could help others just like myself, why waste all my holistic training and research with regards to skin function and sensitivities?” So, in May 2004 the skin friendly and vegetarian shop was launched.

Looking back, although I managed to heal myself, and this was by no means any small feat as my skin disorder was more like weeping chemical burns, in fact, if it was just a slight skin irritation, I do believe I wouldn't have been so determined to help myself. The skin disorder I suffered was crippling. I couldn't wear clothes on very bad days. My life was in chaos. In hindsight this sudden recovery must have been impossible to achieve as my eczema was a symptom of an underlying thyroid problem [under active]. In fact, a year after successfully healing myself from eczema my thyroid condition was finally diagnosed and treated accordingly.

I believe my skin was able to heal because I switched over to natural & organic skincare. Naturally, switching over took away the numerous sensitivity allergy triggers such as harsh detergents [found in shampoos, body washes & laundry washing liquids/powders], synthetic/artificial fragrances [found in almost everything, from a deodorant to furniture polish] and suffocating/aggravating petroleum derived mineral oil based emollients [found in all hand & body creams - even in eczema creams!]. Managing my stress levels, ensuring I received plenty of rest, incorporating daily meditation and supplementing my diet with ethical supplements helped enormously too.

My/our main purpose is to help anyone suffering with skin discomfort. I am always more than happy to help others.

Usually, by the time you come to us, you've already discovered that all the doctor can do is offer steroid treatments, which are of course important if your skin is open, bleeding and prone to infection. But, if you suffer with a sensitivity it is more likely to be a household or beauty product in your home that is causing the problem.

We believe in using the best and pure natural organic ingredients, which have a natural affinity with our bodies, home and our planet. Our mission is to get back to the natural basics and know without a doubt our body's natural ability to maintain a balance of homeostasis. We feel the products we have chosen can keep this delicate balance perfectly. Allowing us to get in touch with our true nature and spirit.

Living in balance calls for integrity and authenticity. We avoid harmful chemicals, pollutants and always offer 100% Vegetarian [mostly Vegan] animal cruelty free safe beauty and well being products. We choose fair trade, sustainable, animal free derived ingredients. 

So please be rest-assured, you will find our integrity impeccable, of course, in accordance to our strict ingredients integrity policy.

In 2020 we opted for a change, so, the Shop is now called Organic Soul Beauty and is owned by There Must Be a Better Way Group.

Angie x

Please Note: Please seek medical guidance from your GP if your problem persists.

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